About Labyrinth

A Brief History

In 2000 a website management tool, Mephisto, was written, and then implemented as intranets for a number of Local Education Authorities in the UK. Although well designed, developed and deployed, it focused very specifically at the Education market in the UK, and very tightly combined its feature set to the core application. However, it did highlight how it could be implemented for alternative markets and clients.

In late 2002, the design of Labyrinth began, taking many of the good ideas of Mephisto, enhancing where possible, and restructuring the interfaces to better implement websites for any type of use. Taking away the focus of the Education specific features, making them more generic and most importantly ... pluggable ... allowed the core application to be tailored to whatever the client wanted. Adding many new features or "plugins" extended Labyrinth even further.

After 8 years of closed source development, despite being used for many successful Open Source websites, it was time to release the code for others to use, improve and adapt. The code base developed prior to version 5.00 remains closed source. However, from version 5.00 the Labyrinth code is now available within a git code repository.